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Overclocking SD cards on the Raspberry Pi

Warning: Overclocking SD cards can corrupt your data and possibly damage your SD card! If you want better SD card speed and have an UHS-1/3-capable SD card, you can make the Pi run it with more than the standard of 50 Mhz. I tried this with a Rasperry Pi 0 (the non-W variant) and aContinue reading “Overclocking SD cards on the Raspberry Pi”


Running GUI applications over SSH on a Raspberry Pi

Sometimes you have a RPi attached to a screen, but no keyboard or mouse attached and want to run GUI applications on it via SSH. This will also let you cross-compile RPi applications on a development machine and test them on the real machine. Prepare the RPi for ssh access To enable SSH access onContinue reading “Running GUI applications over SSH on a Raspberry Pi”

Signing your kernel modules on Ubuntu 16.04

I have an Asus UX3410UA laptop. To silence the fan I use ACPI calls to adjust the fan tipping point. See this. This needs the kernel module “acpi-call-dkms” for being able to run the “acpi_call” executable. If secure boot is enabled on a computer this module will not load if it is not signed andContinue reading “Signing your kernel modules on Ubuntu 16.04”

Useful Linux scripts for standalone systems, emulators, HTPCs etc.

Booting the system to console with grub2 Edit the file /etc/default/grub: Change the line GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT to include “text”: Save the file and update grub: Note that on systemd systems this might not be enough. Switch to text mode using this: You can switch back to graphical mode using “”.Now reboot. Auto-login user on console tty1Continue reading “Useful Linux scripts for standalone systems, emulators, HTPCs etc.”

Useful Linux scripts etc.

A better find I keep using the find command in Unix as such: “find / -name SOMETHING” (Yes, I know there’s locate, too). You always get an error message when you hit a directory you don’t have permissions for, but I usually don’t care about those directories anyway, so it makes sense to pipe thoseContinue reading “Useful Linux scripts etc.”

Raspberry Pi setup / configuration stuff

I keep forgetting the stuff and always start over when I have to reformat or the SD card breaks, so here’s a collection of useful tidbits when setting up and configuring a Pi. I’ll expand this page whenever new stuff pops up… Adding a root password When you try to su, you can’t when noContinue reading “Raspberry Pi setup / configuration stuff”