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Useful CMake functions

CMake is a great tool, but I always keep searching on how to do this and that. Time to make a list again… Checking the G++ compiler version: Appending entries to a list: Creating filters in Visual Studio projects: Custom install commands To print a message during the install process add: To run a shellContinue reading “Useful CMake functions”


Installing and switching gcc/g++ versions in Debian

Installing newer gcc/g++ versions is easy: If your system does not provide the new versions, you might still be able to get them via a different repository. Add the toolchain repository to your system and update your sources: Now you should be able to install gcc/g++. The real problem comes after that. How to makeContinue reading “Installing and switching gcc/g++ versions in Debian”

Raspberry Pi setup / configuration stuff

I keep forgetting the stuff and always start over when I have to reformat or the SD card breaks, so here’s a collection of useful tidbits when setting up and configuring a Pi. I’ll expand this page whenever new stuff pops up… Adding a root password When you try to su, you can’t when noContinue reading “Raspberry Pi setup / configuration stuff”