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Diamondback Mission 1C / 2C tips / hacks

Recently I’ve rediscovered mountain-biking and bought a used Diamondback 2019 Mission 1C. I love the bike so far and will document some hacks / improvements I’ve done on that bike (and possibly others) here.

Cable clips

This is pretty general. I’ve designed some 3D-printed cable clips to keep the cables from flopping around:

You can find the 3D-files here.

Derailleur hanger / dropout replacement

Diamondback parts are hard to get here in Germany. When I needed a replacement derailleur hanger I had to do a bit of research first. You want to be looking for hanger compatible with:

  • 2016 – 2017 Catch (all)
  • 2016 – 2017 Clutch 1, 2
  • 2016 – 2018 Release (all)
  • 2018 Release Carbon (all)
  • 2019 Mission 1C / 2C

The original part is the Diamondback Derailleur Hanger #32-68-004 / D114 which seems to be permanently out of stock. I looked for replacements and found Derailleur Hanger H292 at 925 Engineering, which looked perfect. The shop is really friendly, but shipping to Germany proved expensive and problematic. There were some more options here in Europe, but hangers were pretty pricey (40€ / piece + shipping). Then I found “2pc Fahrrad MECH dropout Für Diamond #32-68-004 Fangen Kupplung 1 2 Release Carbon alle getriebe schaltauge carbon rahmen fahrrad” on AliExpress and decided to go for it. The hanger arrived really fast and is of good quality, so I can recommend getting that one if shipping from the USA doesn’t work out for you…

The four Enduro MAX 61903 / 6903 LLU (17 x 30 x 7 mm) bearings of the Missions Level Link sit pretty much out in the open getting bombarded with water and dirt by the rear tire. To make things worse, dirt and small stones can collect in the opening above the the Level Link and when compressing the suspension, can rub or even crack your frame. Dirt is also hard to get out of there. I ride in muddy conditions a lot here in the winter and rocks keep flying around in the summer, so I decided to do something about it:

Ghetto hack Level Link protector from old bicycle inner tube. Note that this version is a bit too wide…

As you can see this is somewhat of a hack, but it works really well! The protector is made from old bicycle inner tube. You can see the approximate dimensions below:

  • Cut the inner tube to size (note that in the picture I measured with the fold already done, so vertical size should be plus ~2cm. Also horizontal size can be ~1cm less)
  • Make a fold on the top and bottom inner tube part to reinforce the protector for mounting
  • Glue down the fold with bicycle tube rubber glue
  • Punch holes into the reinforced sections for zip ties
  • Mount with zip ties

Maybe I’ll design some nice 3D-printed holding clamps at some point…


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Software developer by trade and interest, but I venture into the electronics- and diy-world from time to time.

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